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The Feathered Phoenix

Where body, mind & spirit come together to create wholeness

About Us

     Melissa Wright has been working with homeopathy in various aspects since 1996. She started her intensive formal training/studies with the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in the spring of 2001 graduating in 2005.

In 1995, her exploration and training began in regards to flower/gem/environmental essences that she has been using in both humans and animals since that time.

Since 1983, Melissa's background in veterinary medicine and role of veterinary technician has given her a broad understanding of both conventional (allopathic) and wholistic medicine. Her work with animals and the deep respect she holds for them led her to her formal homeopathic studies for humans.

Melissa's husband, Jonathan Wright, DVM, practices wholistic veterinary medicine with services including Homeopathy, Low Level Laser Therapy, Nutrition and Chiropractic services. Dr. Wright operates Lily Pad Wholistic Services, Inc. on a house call basis for our greater Spokane area and phone consultations around the country. His 34 year career in veterinary medicine has given him not only allopathic training and practice, but also the last 22 years he has spent studying and practicing wholistic medicine to give a well rounded understanding of animal health and wellness. To contact Dr. Wright, go to

Our state of health can dramatically affect not only the other adults and children we live with, but our animal companions as well. Starting with ourselves in becoming healthy allows for the possibility of affecting all those around us giving many the opportunity to see what can be achieved.