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The Feathered Phoenix

Where body, mind & spirit come together to create wholeness


These essences are made by

Katy Savich in collaboration with

Richard Witteman. Sophia has been

making and working with flower

essences for over 25 years.

"The making of Ancient Forest

Essences is our way of exploring,

remembering & sharing the deep

understanding that each of us is a

part of nature."

What a beautiful way to experience

the healing presence of trees and

environments that move us to

remember our connection to all that

surrounds us.

Ancient Grandmother

The Crone, she who knows, initiates us into the ancient mysteries of knowing that we are part of the sacred web of life. The Crone protects us with a cloak of invisibility while doing inner work. The survivor of many winters, she is vital, alive, beautiful and excited. She teaches with patience and love. Made with an ancient Western Juniper on a rocky Sierra mountain slope.

Ancient Olive from Crete

Embodies patient, enduring growth, and long-term friendship. Aids in making peace with oneself and others so that we can be of service to the greater good. Letting unimportant distractions dissolve, while remaining rooted in oneness, in timeless truth. Giving of your creative expression gradually and consistently, in the fullness of time. Letting go of paranoia and honestly being what you are.


Knowing that we are safe and protected in our unfoldment of Being. There is a sense of peacefulness from the place of inner knowing that there is always spiritual and universal protection for us, ever present as droplets of Unconditional Love. Peacefulness is our intrinsic nature. Angelite is like our guardian angels whispering to trust, wake up and celebrate incarnation.

Annular Solar Eclipse

This essence is about moving from darkness into the light of awareness easily, elegantly, without drama. It helps in getting out of sticky situations which cling, giving permission to "move on" and "just do it",

Arizona Cypress Essence

From Sedona, this large, luxuriant Cypress has a clear sense of self-contained integrity. This essence works powerfully with protection and safety. It is the essence of healthy boundaries, protecting one from being violated by other people, as well as by abusive voices which have been internalized.

Arizona Juniper Essence

From Sedona, this large, luxuriant Cypress has a clear sense of self-contained integrity. This essence works powerfully with protection and safety. It is the essence of healthy boundaries, protecting one from being violated by other people, as well as by abusive voices which have been internalized.

Avebury Stone Circle

Made in the lap of trees which are part of the ancient stone circle in Avebury, England. This essence carries the exquisite energies of this healing site, resonating with fertility and the dance of life. Reawakens the freedom to be sensual, shedding centuries of conditioned guilt. This essence is also about aligning with purpose, allowing one to focus with such clarity that nothing stands in the way.

Black Forest Essence

Made in a pristine remnant of the magnificent old forests of southern Germany. It resonates with the subtle, invisible archetypal forces of nature which weave the world of form. This essence assists in opening one's heart to nature, healing the fear of nature.

Blue Moon over Herkimer-The North

A gem essence of Herkimer Diamond made under a blue full moon, this is the energy of the North. The wisdom of experience, the vision of seeing many winters come and go. The compassion of the elder, who sees the long view. Making wise decisions, seeing the effects of one's actions many generations into the future. It is to act for the highest rod of all life everywhere having visions of a healing future for mother earth.

Bristlecone Pine Essence

This wondrous tree has been residing on a wild, windy slope of the Eastern Sierras for over 5,000 years. In taking this essence, one experiences a sense of eternity, letting go of momentary drama, seeing through the eyes of forever. Its deep, old, celebrational energy assists in choosing love over fear. Clarity and persistence, the ability to thrive amidst constantly changing conditions, anger residing deep in the heart. It generates the capacity to be generous, large-hearted and hearty.

Celtic Healing Springs Essence

Made with an ancient and legendary spring in England. Its gift is a lucent and luminous energy which clears the chakras and aura, allowing one to reconnect with inner source. Peering into the spring, the face of one's true self is revealed. Very grounding.

Ceres Vision

There is a vision of this essence falling like rain on the earth, where there has been trauma or bloodshed, to transform and harmonize the violence. This essence is connected with true abundance-by cooperating with nature, we receive a bountiful harvest which is in balance with all of life and shared by everyone.

Chicago Buddha

This essence showers us with the golden energies of the Buddha, sitting in stillness deep within. Made in a very human place: an art institute, where sits a large and beautiful 12th century Indian Buddha. Stillness is the heart of all activity, all creative expression. Silence is our profound truth, it is who we are. Stimulates clarity of the inner eye, helping to reveal the subtle activity of thought as it weaves stories of alienation and suffering.

Cottonwood-The South

From two venerable Cottonwood tress, this essence resonates with innocence, trust, and relationship, seeing another through the eyes of compassion, opening your heart to wonder. Walking in beauty, softness seeing through the eyes of a child.

Crater Lake-Below

Made from the crystal clear waters of a 2000 ft deep lake which formed within the enormous crater of an exploded volcanic mountain. This is the direction of absolute truth telling of honest clarity. Of seeing through to the bottom of a matter of cutting through denial and pretense. This is the way of deep insight, moving beyond the surface and into the depths. It is to be grounded, to drink from unseen waters flowing deep within.

Crystal Child

This essence is for healing the wounded inner child. Uncovering feelings of self-confidence and esteem, we have the willingness to speak and communicate our true self. It is also about breaking free from the internalized parental voices, bonds and guilt. To be one's true self, one's own self, to no longer be an extension of parental projections and expectations.

Crystal Stone Circle

Made in a quartz crystal stone circle in Cornwall, it initiates us into ecstasy and the Great Mystery. It is about ritual, breakthrough, honoring the feminine spirit and wholeness. Here in the circle we dance, heal, create sacred ritual and become attuned to the cycles of the sun and moon rising and setting in the dance of the Great Mother.

Dune Primrose

Heals the maiden, she who is life being newly reborn. Assists in guiding us through rocky places where there appears to be no path, supporting us in focusing on our spiritual journey, embracing innocence, trusting life. Heals the wounded maiden, including sexual abuse; changes the dream of the maiden who has no vision to carry. Heals the vilated internal maiden.

Full Moon Eclipse-Above

This is the way of oneness, the deep quiet presence which includes all things, the vast and mysterious wonder of life. The essence of open awareness. Here separation is dissolved, all sides of an issue or situation are embraced and conflict is healed. The polarity of the bright full moon and the darkness of eclipse merge together into a higher resolution.

Giant Sequoia Essence

Like an Ancient Chief, this powerful and towering Sequoia is over two thousand years old. Its wise, old presence resonates the qualities of inner strength and resources, the courage to be one's self. This essence also brings forth a healthy male presence, potent, sensual, and loving.

Golden Lodge Pole Pine-The Center

Made from a golden glowing tree in the remote High Sierras of California. This is the energy of the Center, of holding firm. Remaining present, open and unwavering in the heart of life, no matter what comes. It is the seat of non-judgment, being patiently present to what is before you, the firmness of discipline. The way of the Center is radical trust, to not cut and run, to know that all is well no matter what the appearances.

Hawaiian Monkeypod

This essence is about clarity, inner listening. It opens us up to inner listening so that we can hear, see and respond. It also assists in developing inner authority, knowing our own truths, bending with change, while not giving up one's inner wisdom.

Hawaiian Ohia

This essence is about integrity, standing one's ground while choosing from the place of cooperation with an awareness of the greater good of all life everywhere. This essence teaches us that tolerance and acceptance of the diversity of life is the healing response to the planet.

Indian Banyan

This essence opens us up to new spiritual openings in the heart and self. There is a sense of expansion, one feels open, full and multidimensional. Deep spiritual insights and experiences open us to the willingness of sinking roots deep into earth and becoming enlightened. This tree knows about holding space between heaven and earth and celebrates that truth.

Irish Fairy Tree Essence

Made on a magical site near the poet Yeats' Norman Tower. It kindles the fires of creativity, and the energy of excitement. This essence nurtures the creative process, revealing inner direction. Surrendering the deep pain which renders one immobile.

Joshua Tree

Made on a clear winter's night, within a desert forest in Joshua Tree National Park from a giant old tree. These strange and other worldly trees are like antennas connecting in mysterious ways to other realms, other galaxies. As the essence was made there was profound opening of the crown chakra area, a melting of the small world of thought. The veil of imagined separateness became thin and we felt we could reach out and touch the vast realms beyond our ordinary sphere of reality.

Meteor Shower

Made on the shore of the pacific ocean during an intense and powerful meteor shower a rare abundance of falling stars. It is about receiving grace and blessings from the heavens, of being kissed with new seeds of peace and love for all of humankind. In the deep silence of the early morning, the vastness sings with indescribable beauty saying "all is well, all is well".

Mount St. Helens-The West

Within the rich ashes and tangled tree trunks of this devastated volcanic mountain, life is recreating itself in a beautiful and touching way. This is the West: constant change, storms from the ocean, great loss and wondrous renewal. To walk this way is to heal the fear of change, the fear of death, to move with impermanence, understanding the ending and beginning of cycles. It is the wild feminine, the awesome power of Kali and the deep still feminine within. When one opens to the Great impermanence, the silence of meditation becomes available. Here one enters into the heart of the mystery, while change swirls all around.

New Forest Beech Essence

There is a mysterious quality to this old Beech forest, the private preserve of past kings. The trees are like friendly beings from an old folk tale. They resonate the quality of experiencing the richness of life without trying to change ourselves according to abstract ideal. This essence heals criticalness, finding fault with everyone and everything.

Norwegian Fjord Waterfall Essence

Made in the clear waters of a towering fjord waterfall. The surging quality of this essence resonates with self-empowerment. It cleanses feelings of confusion and doubt and dissolves rage and anger stemming from feeling powerless.

Obsidian Dome

Made at tile site of a massive volcanic outpouring of obsidian in the Sierras, when a rainbow was circling the sun. This essence embraces and heals rage, transforming this potent energy into radiance. Works with internalized rage resulting from abuse, which consumes personal power and causes us to strike out in the midst of our timidity, fear and withdrawal.

Petrified Forest Essence

So long ago, these fossilized remnants of the ancient forests of Arizona lived and breathed. This essence breaks up rigid and crystallized patterns in one's emotional, mental and spiritual life, healing and releasing petrified fear. Wonderful for bodywork.

Petrified Ginkgo

This essence addresses that feeling of "nobody is at home" disconnection from the self. Breaks up crystallized and petrified fear of meeting the divine, dissolves the veil from within. It is also about clarity without judgement, anger or disdain. This essence facilitates and breaks up old memories which are frozen in negative feelings. A sense of humor and detachment breaks up the sense of "petulance". It also breaks up stagnation, restoring the flow and circulation of energies harmoniously.

RedCedar Essence

The huge trunk of this ancient Red Cedar in the Olympic Peninsula has broken open, creating a chalice which receives the open sky. This is the essence of being in the heart, in the joy, in the moment-being present here and now.

Sacred Icon

Made with the waters of an ancient spring, this essence embodies the spirit of a 12th century Eastern Orthodox stone Icon of the Sacred mother and Child. Made within the walls of all ancient monastery, it teaches us how to experience that which is behind the spiritual image-the mysterious dance of emptiness and form, as all of creation, including ourselves, weaves in and out of manifestation. We enter the embrace of the Great Mother, who teaches us there is no separation, there is nothing to fear. In the great swirling movements of life and death, there is no loss, no abandonment, for we have never left home.

Sacred Yew

Made in the lap of a 1700 year old Yew tree in England, with spring waters from below the Glastonbury Tor, this essence awakens joy from within. Joy is the twin sister to love, when there is joy and love, there is no room for fear. Assists with the deep grief of losing someone dear, allowing us to celebrate the larger mystery of life.

Swiss Glacier Essence

Made with the waters of an ancient glacier in the high elevations of Switzerland. The liquid quality of this essence melts protective walls around the heart, allowing gratitude and appreciation to flow from the heart. Here, one knows true abundance.

Twin Douglas Fir-The East

From two ancient Douglas Fir trees, growing side by side in the rainforest of Mt. Rainer. This essence radiates the clear, positive, mature life giving masculine energy of the East. It is the wisdom of the Eagle, the expansive viewing the way of illumination, fresh ideas and expression. The direction of risk taking, putting your creativity and spiritual insight into action.

Volcanic Green Fire

Reflecting moonlight, volcanic green glass leaves behind a rainbow dancing softly on the water's surface. This essence reignites the flame within the heart by healing shatteredness, hurt, loss, grief and hollowness. In healing these shattered places, we reunite with the ocean of oneness.

Waning Blue Moon

This essence is about releasing old dreams, wishes, desires and hopes from the past. By releasing cords with the past you come into the present moment with dreams which are in alignment with you now. It allows the possibility of a different future.

Western Hound's Tongue

Growing along a path beneath towering redwoods, this tiny cluster of blue flowers is named for its dog-like tongue. This essence asks us to pay attention to what matters, to who we are, and to trust in the unfolding mystery of our lives. Radical devotion and faith in life to sustain us.

White Lilac

The Crone, the renewal of innocence and trust in the feminine. Made with the incoming tide, reminding us that the tide has indeed changed, bring in the trust, innocence, love and renewal of the Feminine energies. The tide ebbs and flows, endlessly singing of love, flowering, returning to the realization that we are love, only love. Thoughts of separation are an illusion.