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The Feathered Phoenix

Where body, mind & spirit come together to create wholeness

Crystal Herbs is a wonderful company from the UK that makes many, many flower, gem and crystal essences singles and combinations that I have used for years myself and am now offering some of their products for sale in my store. Their essences carry a beautiful vibration and their attention to detail and the energy they put in the bottles is amazing. They have a huge line of products so I am carrying what I can at the moment but hope to add more as time goes on. Here are the categories of essences I have available-Enjoy!

~Platonic Solid & Sacred Geometry Essences-Sacred geometry is the universal design system through which energies of creation organize themselves into form-these patterns and shapes makeup all living things. Each one helps guide us in a variety of ways in our lives.

~Archangel & Ascended Masters Essences-These groups belong to the Spiritual Hierachy that have guided & directed the evolution of life on Earth from the beginning of time and help us move into the light, grow and evolve and help guide us in our lives.

~Chakra Essences-Our subtle energy vortexes/centers within and around our bodies each representing and carrying the energy to balance and support our spirtual/mental/emotional and physical bodies.

~Angel Essences-Our guides from the Divine to help us along our journey in life here on Earth

~Single Flower and Gem Essences

Tetrahedron Essence 10ml

The Tetrahedron focuses the energy of creation in a precise format of light, color and sound. Use it to hold the energetic template for a creative endeavor while you bring it into physical form, also supports change and potential, clarity and focus and decision making.

Hexahedron Essence 10ml

Provides a structure within which creative intention can be brought into the physical. This essence can strengthen foundational structure of the etheric blueprint that provides the matrix for your physical body, promotes greater awareness of how your energetic structure and earth structure are connected-Key points-Foundations, focus, structure and creative intention.

Octahedron Essence 10ml

Promotes balance and harmony reminding us "as above, so below", promotes greater connection with the higher mind, brings calmness, balance and harmony.

Dodecahedron Essence 10ml

The basic shape of the Christ Conscious grid around the earth, surrounds each of us on the outer most layer of our light body, expanding consciousness, divinity, promotes greater alignment with and experience of your own divinity.

Icosahedron Essence 10ml

Flow of life force, Emotions, feminine creativity, lower frequency emotions can be transformed and replaced by higher ones, promotes creativity, movement and flexibility.

Flower of Life Essence 10ml

The original blueprint for creation in our universe. This shape reflects your own divinity, helps release distortions in your own blueprint and connect you more fully with the inter-connectedness and sacredness of life.

Sphere Essence 10ml

Represents the Void, the place from which all creation is initiated, deep feminine energy that will help connect you with our own creative sacred center. Key points-The Void, Beingness, creativity.

Star Tetrahedron Essence 10ml

The human Mer-Ka-Bah field is a spinning Star Tetrahedron activated by light and love. Weaving the spiritual and physical aspects of ourselves, enhance unity consciousness and bring balance and integration to your inner male/female polarities, heart and mind and spirit and matter.

Metatron's Blend Essence 10ml

Use this if you would like to work with the energies of all five platonic solid shapes and the sphere together. Acts as a powerful reminder to our energetic matrix of its original structure and form and stimulates conscious memory of the sacredness and interconnectedness of all life. Awakens you to your full potential.

Inner Light Essence 10ml

Blend of all 5 platonic solid essences & sphere together with gold, shattuckite and green calcite. Helps with body and its energetic structure to remember how to absorb and use the regenerative properties of light. Opens you to the light and breaks old patterns of density we have become accustomed to.

Archangel Michael Essence 10ml

Helps with courage, strength, protection, cuts old ties, cords or misaligned energies that are holding you back, helps with willpower, initiation, and focus or where you feel you need protection whether physical or psychic.

Archangel Raphael Essence 10ml

Helps with healing, creativity, truth and vision, helps healing work, dissolve negative blockages causing illness and helps you develop vision and inner knowing through the development of the 6th chakra.

Archangel Uriel Essence 10ml

Helps where the energy of Divine Peace is needed, dissolves fears so you can anchor the vibration of peace deep into your being, develops clarity insight and vision.

Divine Mother Essence 10ml

Call on this essence of Mother Mary and Quan Yin to help you connect and balance your own feminine energy, brings nurturing and compassionate energy into your life.

Feet Chakra Essence 10ml

When to Use-disconnection to the earth and the natural world, fears relating to physical survival. This chakra works in conjunction with the Base or Root chakra to promote grounding and the creation of a stable energetic foundation.

Base (Root) Chakra Essence 10ml

When to Use-Fears and insecurities related to safety and survival, difficulties with grounding-staying present, disorietation, disorganization, indecision, lack of vitality, difficulty dealing with the pressures of life or fully manifesting creative ideas.

Sacral Chakra Essence 10ml

When to use-Anger, frustration, impatience, blocked creativity, difficulty expressing sexuality, out of balance emotions, emotional extremes, violence,difficulty accepting change, wounded inner child.

Solar Plexus Chakra Essence 10ml

When to Use-Over sensitive, too open to others thoughts and feelings, vulnerability, lack of self worth, lack of personal boundaries, power issues, emotional neediness, conditional love aggression or an overly active mental body that foreshadows all other areas.

Heart Chakra Essence 10ml

Unconditional love chakra-When to Use-loneliness and isolation from others, fear of closeness, lack of trust in self or universe, feeling unloved, overly critical, possessive or jealous, feelings of superiority, unable to reach out to others, indecision.

Higher Heart Chakra 10ml

Works in conjunction with Heart chakra When to Use: A need to develop compassion, feelings of not being able to love self or others, lack of forgiveness for self or others.

Thoat Chakra Essence 10ml

Sound, language, inner hearing-When to Use-Difficulty knowing or expressing your truth, withdrawn personality puts on a brave face rather than express turmoil inside, suppressed emotions, needs or creativity, problems in the throat chakra or with inner hearing.

Brow Chakra Essence 10ml

Language of Light, seat of our higher intuition and inner wisdom, inner vision or psychic sight-When to Use-Lack of faith in self and the universe, feeling that "I don't know", overly mental approach to life, difficulty with intuition or inner knowing, no inner pictures, unable to focus thoughts, stuck in the small details of life.

Crow Chakra Essence 10ml

World beyond material existence connecting us to timeless space of all knowing-When to Use-An ability to see beyond this third dimensional existence, no spiritual awareness, a need for greater spiritual connection.

Higher Chakras Essence 10ml

5 higher chakras situated one above the other in the auric field above the Crown chakra. When these are opened, balanced and aligned with all the other open main chakras we are able to connect with the universe at all levels and dimensions of existence. Use-greater connection to Highest Divine Guidance and HIgher self, to connect with other planes of existence.

Angel of Abundance Essence 10ml

This angel will gently support & guide you to see and release those beliefs that hold you in poverty consciousness, opening the door for new abundance of all kinds to enter your life. It will help you to remember consciously that you are a part of the flow of Divine Universal energy.

Angel of Grace Essence 10ml

This Angel brings us the gift of Divine assistance through the Law of Grace helping you release old patterns, beliefs or emotional issues that hold up your growth. As soon as you accept these lessons and forgive appropriately, the Angels can assist in releasing the old energies with ease and grace when requested.

Angel of Harmony Essence 10ml

This angel can help to restore balance to the emotions and bring comfort and understanding to the personality, especially in times of emotional difficulties.

Angel of Love Essence 10ml

This Angel works with the frequencies of unconditional love and gently helps you to activate this energy within your Heart Chakra, helps you recognize the difference between this kind of love and its lower frequency counterpart based on emotional attachment, helps you see places within yourself that are calling out for unconditional loving acceptance.

Angel of Patience Essence 10ml

This Angel will help you to feel and understand the frequency of patience. As you allow this energy to become a greater part of your personality you will find yourself more relaxed in mind and body and more able to be fully in the flow of life.

Angel of Peace Essence 10ml

This Angel will gently guide and support you to find the place in your deepest being where there is always peace and to choose to live your life from a centered place of calmness, peace & tranquility. Call on this Angel to assist you to broadcast the frequency of Peace even in the midst of chaos and turmoil.

Angel of Strength Essence 10ml

This Angel will come to your assistance when you ask for help to reconnect with your own inner strength. Call on the help of this Angel when you feel that you lack strength or energy to carry on, particularly in times of adversity.

Angel of Truth Essence 10ml

This Angel will gently support and guide you to discover your own inner truth and help you to express that truth with love no matter what the circumstances. It will also help you to recognize that your truth is always relative to your current level of consciousness and so will change as your consciousness expands.

Angel of Wisdom Essence 10ml

This Angel will help and support you to access your own innate inner wisdom by strengthening the connection between the heart chakra and brow chakra. It will guide you to remember that knowledge becomes wisdom when we allow the vision of the higher mind to interpret the knowledge we have gained from the perspective of the heart.

Lemon Flower Essence 10ml

Promotes clarity of thought, helps make decisions or link issues together with clarity, fosters analytical thinking, stimulates mental body, cleansing and renewal and use to enhance color therapies.

Sandalwood Flower Essence 10ml

Works in the brow chakra to stimulate and enhance inner vision. Calming and relaxing the mind, purifying negative energies so that you can "see" clearer by opening the 3rd eye.

Ametrine Gem Essence 10ml

Helps to calm an overactive mental body, dispels negativity and activates a connection to higher realms, helps you know "when to stop" in both humans and animals, soothes agitation, uplifts and revitalizes. It is a natural mix of Amethyst and Citrine so has elements of those two crystals in its energetic properties as well.

Blue Lace Agate Gem Essence 10ml

Calms and soothes the mental body and harmonizes the emotional body, enhances spiritual connection and brings greater understanding of difficult problems, works in the throat chakra, balancing influence on emotional body helping it to synthesize and integrate high frequency energy and light, calms loud and demanding people and animals and calms inflammation in the body.

Boji Stone Gem Essence 10ml

Particularly helpful for those working with agriculture and horticulture as it aids atunement to plants and animals, aligns subtle bodies boosting energy flow and strengthens chakras, nadis and meridians, helps development of channeling skills, aids in forming bonds based on trust, communication and respect.

Loadstone Gem Essence 10ml

Strengthens the auric field releasing impurities, alighns bio-magnetic field with the earth and enhances biofeedback, helps any energy healing process such as radionics and vibrational medicine.

Platinum Gem Essence 10ml

Promotes connectivity within the entire energetic structure, stimulates the meridians and nadis, aligns subtle bodies and opens the five higher chakras above the crown. Can also enhance group stability, calm aggression, dominance and training problems in animals.