We offer Wholistic Health Services as well as an eclectic variety of products for your Mind, Body & Spirit

We are multi-layered individuals with our own unique life stories that need more than a "one size fits all" approach to our health and well being.  Wholistic modalities involve examining all aspects of the individual and finding what works best to bring you back to wholeness on all levels.



Consulting Information

Melissa offers in office and phone consultations for Homeopathy and Flower/Gem/Spirit Essences.

Rates for Homeopathic Consultations:

         First Consultation/work up-$90 (includes most remedies)

         Follow up Consultations-$45 (includes most remedies)

Rates for Flower/Gem/Spirit Essences Consultations:

          First Consultation/work up-$80 (includes essence bottle)

          Follow up Consultations-$40 (includes essence bottle)

Most consults include Shipping & Handling although there may be extra charges for this if there are multiple bottles or other products as well.

Rates for Chakra Tuning fork and other Chakra/Energy balancing work are based on time with the average treatment ranging from $30-$60.

Rates for Chakra/Aura/Organ Energy consults and readings from Biopulsar* will be up next year when I am up and running on this modality.  Stay tuned!