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The Feathered Phoenix

Where body, mind & spirit come together to create wholeness

We are multi-layered individuals with our own unique life histories and stories. For this reason we are not "one size fits all" when it comes to many facets of our lives including health and wellness.

Wholistic therapies involve examining all aspects of the individual and finding what works best for bringing health back to that individual by finding and removing the underlying cause(s).

To do this, Melissa works with mainly the following modalities:


This modality follows the Law of Similars which states that any substance that produces specific symptoms in a healthy person when given full strength, will remove disease in a sick person with the same symptoms when given in diluted form. This law was first described by Hippocrates and rediscovered in the late 1700's by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

Homeopathic remedies are used for many acute and chronic conditions around the world and can be used safely and effectively alongside most conventional medications and therapies for people and animals in all stages of life including pregnant and nursing women and animals, infants and children and the elderly.


Brought to the public in 1955 by a German physician, Dr. Reckeweg, this method uses low potency homeopathic remedies to remove the influence of toxic substances on human (and animal) cells and improves their ability to function properly. This method gets down to the cellular level to detox all body systems, organs and the matrix that is surrounding each and every cell in our bodies.


The Flower Essences were first developed as a system of healing by Dr. Edward Bach, a Welsh physician, in the early 1930's. His continual search to aid his patients led him to realize how our thoughts, feelings and emotions play a major role in how we handle illness and also function in our daily lives. These essences are not to be confused with aromatherapy as they are prepared by imprinting the healing energy of the particular flower, gem, etc. into water.

These subtle, yet powerful essences are non-toxic with no side effects and can be taken on their own or with medications, homeopathics and other treatments and substances both wholistic and allopathic by any age human or animal.